2020 Session is underway!

Senate Republicans are listening to you!

With only 60 days allotted by the state constitution for the “short,” even-year session, lawmakers arrived in Olympia this week ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

For those of us legislators who are committed to listening to the people of this state, that is good news for taxpayers. We have returned eager to find solutions to problems you want us to address. We have introduced bills to fight human trafficking, provide tax relief, make it easier to start or run a business, and keep energy affordable.

Unfortunately, others have come ready to push their own agenda. Despite record revenue they are looking for ways to raise your taxes, limit your freedoms and advance policies that, while political correct, do not make your family or community safer. 

Please know that I will continue to fight for you this session, and I look forward to being your voice in Olympia. 

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