Bridges to a Better Government E-Newsletter for February 24, 2013

Bridges to a Better GovernmentFriday was what’s known as “committee cutoff” in the Washington State Legislature, and there were a lot of good bills that made it through to the next phase. Although policy committees are now finished, fiscal committees (like Senate Ways and Means and Senate Transportation) will continue to consider bills into next week. Once they reach their cutoff, the full Senate will begin debating bills in the chamber every day for nearly two weeks.

I’m pleased to say that seven of my nine bills passed out of policy committees before the cutoff deadline, and the two that didn’t were what are called “companion” bills. That means there is an identical version of the bill that was introduced in the House of Representatives, effectively doubling the chances that the idea will move forward in the process. Click here to read the full Bridges e-newsletter for February 15.