Bridges to a Better Government E-Newsletter for June 30, 2013

Bridges to a Better GovernmentI fought hard to represent our district and as a result, Delta High School will receive $5.4 million in new funding. Delta is a shining example of a leader in statewide education. Their focus on the key STEM education areas (science, technology, engineering, and math) and ability to weave English, history and other subjects into the curriculum energizes kids to want to learn more about all subject areas, This will no doubt help thousands of kids to reach their full potential. In addition, numerous other 8th District projects received funding this year.

But the Tri-Cities voice goes beyond funding. As a member of the Senate energy committee, I was able to work with the chair of the committee to schedule a work group meeting in our district over the summer. The Tri-Cities is such an important player in the statewide energy discussion that I felt it would have been remiss not to bring committee members for a closer look. In addition, my work on the Senate Transportation Committee helped to schedule a transportation meeting in our district between now and next session.

I’m looking forward to continuing the Legislative work that I’ve started, and helping more lawmakers in Olympia hear the voices of the Tri-Cities.

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