Brown chosen by Senate to serve as vice president pro tem

Senator Sharon BrownThe state Senate today chose state Sen. Sharon Brown as its vice president pro tempore, making her one of just three lawmakers formally selected to preside in the Senate’s chambers at the Capitol.

Brown, R-Kennewick, was elected to succeed former Sen. Paull Shin, D-Edmonds, who retired from the Legislature this past week. She offered this statement following her unanimous selection during the Senate’s first vote of the 2014 legislative session:

“Having served as Kennewick’s mayor pro tem I have experience handling a gavel and conducting a meeting. Although this is on a different scale – the Senate has 49 members compared to seven on my hometown council – I’m looking forward to carrying out my new responsibility and very honored to have earned the confidence of my fellow senators.

“While I’m disappointed that Senator Shin stepped down sooner than expected, which made this position open, it’s encouraging that the Senate chose a woman for the job, considering our Majority Coalition Caucus now has a record number of female senators among its members.

“The 2014 legislative session promises to be a busy one, as we have just 60 days to consider some serious challenges. My new responsibility, on those occasions when I am pressed into service, will be to keep things running so we can get the people’s business done on time – and on budget.”

Brown will preside when neither the lieutenant governor, who doubles as president of the Senate, nor the Senate’s president pro tempore, who like Brown is a member of the Senate’s majority coalition, is available. She was the only senator nominated to fill the post.