Brown’s ‘Invest in Washington’ program already creating new manufacturing jobs

Local employer praises Brown for helping make Washington and Tri-Cities area more competitive

Sen. Sharon Brown, chair of the Senate Trade and Economic Development Committee, has made attracting employers to Washington and helping them create jobs her top priorities since becoming a senator.

When the Legislature passed her “Invest in Washington” jobs plan earlier this year, Brown, R-Kennewick, predicted it would be a win-win for employers and workers and would encourage economic growth and new manufacturing and construction jobs. Just four months into the new program, a local manufacturer is already saying she was right.

“Thank you, Senator Brown, for prioritizing economic development and contributing to our ability to grow jobs in this state,” wrote Marcus Mosley, a senior manager at SSC North America – an American supercar company founded in 1999 by automotive enthusiast Jerod Shelby and headquartered in West Richland.

Mosley, who oversees the company’s supply chain and project operations, was recently informed that his company’s application to be a part of the Invest in Washington program was successful.

In a letter to Brown, Mosley writes: “SSC North America is currently in the process of building a new manufacturing facility in West Richland on the corner of Keene and Belmont. This facility will result in 25 full-time family wage jobs at SSC and an estimated 35-50 additional jobs throughout the state at our suppliers.

“As you can imagine, funds are extremely tight for any company expanding in the capital-intense manufacturing environment. This is especially true for us in our current development and expansionary stage. Having the opportunity to defer the sales tax on our manufacturing facility and equipment for five years makes a significant and meaningful impact on our development budget and our ability to hire new workers.”

Brown’s Invest in Washington pilot program was rolled into Senate Bill 6057, the Senate’s economic-development package, which was passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate as part of the new state operating budget agreement adopted earlier this year.

“The Invest in Washington program is about inspiring that entrepreneurial spirit that made this county so great by encouraging all businesses to be successful,” said Brown. “It provides an incentive for businesses to invest in machinery and job-force training for manufacturing projects by allowing them to defer taxes and use that money up front when they need it most.

“I’m happy to see that it is already resulting in new family-wage jobs – right here in the Tri-Cities.”