It’s budget season in Olympia

It’s officially “budget season” in Olympia. In recent weeks the Senate approved its operating- and capital-budget plans while the majority party in the House of Representatives passed its $44.9 billion spending plan. There are some key differences between the two approaches – most notably that the Senate balances without new taxes, while the House would rely on nearly $8 billion in tax increases over the next four years.

Also …Given my increased role on the Senate budget-writing committee, there was a risk that I wouldn’t have as much time to do all the things that go into moving bills through the legislative process. I am happy to report that has not been the case. So far, this has been one of my most successful years for legislation since arriving at the Senate. Following Tuesday’s cut-off deadline for bills from the House and Senate to pass out from the opposite chamber, several of my bills are still moving forward.

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