Building on results


As the 2016 regular session approaches its end, it is important to look at the remarkable progress made through the budgeting process in recent years – and recognize what is at stake as we work to reach final agreement on a supplemental state budget.

Since the Majority Coalition Caucus, of which I am a member, was formed in 2012, we have been able to dramatically reverse a 30-year trend by putting top priority on funding for our public schools. We enacted the first cut ever in our state’s skyrocketing college tuition, reducing what amounted to a major tax on students and parents – an idea so popular the country has taken notice. And we’ve done all of this without a general tax increase.

Now, unbelievably, Democrat leaders in the House want us to walk away from these accomplishments – to abandon the new direction we have taken the state, and return to the tired, worn old road of the past. They want us to return to raiding education-funding commitments in order to increase the size of government.

Never. We are focused on building on the results we have already seen. Our emphasis on results and accountability has restored the sense of responsibility that had been missing from Olympia for so many years and we are not going to turn back now!

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