Can your voice still be heard in this very different session?

Greetings from Olympia! The 2021 legislative session is under way, but it doesn’t look anything like any session we have had before. Due to the rule changes made by the Legislature’s majority party because of COVID-19, this session will be conducted primarily online, with only a few select lawmakers and staff actually working from Olympia. The remainder have been forced to work virtually, with state buildings being completely closed off to the public.

To make matters even…well, weirder…the Legislature has used recent security concerns as a reason to fence off the Capitol and most legislative buildings, and state troopers and armed National Guard troops are stationed in large numbers around the entire campus. In fact, on the first day of the session, military and police presence outnumbered private citizens by nearly 10 to 1 on campus.

With this unprecedented environment and lack of public access, you may be asking yourself: Can my voice still be heard?

While the majority has undoubtedly made it harder for average Washingtonians to have access to state government, my number-one job is to guarantee that your concerns, your needs and your interests are never forgotten. It is my job to be your advocate, and to make sure your voice is heard.

Below is more about steps I have taken to defend your right to access your government, as well as information crucial to helping you participate in the 2021 session firsthand.

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