Dead or alive? The legislative session reaches halfway point.

The Legislature reached a critical deadline this week when, at 5 p.m. Wednesday, the Senate and House had to end consideration of bills that originated in their own chambers. Bills that didn’t make this deadline are considered no longer viable. There is one exception: Measures considered necessary to implement the budget are exempt from deadlines and can be brought forward until the end of the session.

With just three weeks to go in the 2016 legislative session, I am happy to report that we have made real progress this year for the 8th District. Measures I have sponsored, dealing with issues ranging from supporting cyber-security jobs in the Tri-Cities to extending the Local Revitalization Financing program that was so crucial to the development of Southridge, passed the Senate and are now making their way through the House of Representatives.

We have had our challenges, too, including a recent drop in the revenue the state expects to bring in over the current and upcoming budget cycles. We will continue to approach these challenges with new ideas, like my bill to move towards “dynamic” fiscal statements, as we work through the state budget and other issues over the next few weeks.

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