Disabled veterans’ sales-tax exemption bill signed by Gov. Inslee

Senator Sharon BrownGov. Jay Inslee has signed Senate Bill 5072, which grants disabled veterans a sales-tax exemption on adaptive equipment needed to safely operate their personal vehicles. The measure was sponsored by former 8th District Sen. Jerome Delvin, and staunchly supported by his successor, Sen. Sharon Brown, R-Kennewick.

“Our veterans are asked to sacrifice everything for the freedom we enjoy every day,” Brown said. “I want to make sure that in the Legislature, we do everything we can to honor and support our brave men and women, and I’m proud to see this piece of legislation become law.”

SB 5072, signed Friday, will provide a sales-tax exemption for disabled veterans and members of the armed forces who require adaptive equipment in order to enter, exit or drive their personal vehicles. The federal Department of Veterans Affairs program which provides adaptive equipment to disabled veterans can only pay the equipment seller directly. Because the equipment is subject to sales and use tax, the disabled veteran is often left paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes.

“Washington is one of only four states to tax adaptive equipment prescribed for the disabled,” Brown continued, “and many people have had to forego the equipment simply because the tax was too much of a burden. I hope this will allow more of our disabled heroes to continue living their lives to the fullest.”

Senate Bill 5072