Ending government greed

When is enough enough?

As I finished up my work in Olympia for the week and waited for my flight back to the Tri-Cities, that was the question to which I kept coming back.

The extremely busy and eventful sixth week of this 2020 legislative session clarified two things for me:

  1. For some in Olympia, enough is never enough, and
  2. The majority party is not listening to you.

Pretty harsh, I know, but the evidence for that conclusion continues to mount. What evidence, you ask?

Well, first, there is the revenue forecast that was released this week. This is the 16th straight quarterly forecast that has increased the amount money expected to come in to state government. The forecast indicates revenues for the 2019-21 budget cycle are $606 million ahead of the November 2019 forecast, for a total estimated revenue gain of $1.5 billion since last year’s legislative session ended in April.

Why are they taking so much of your money, and continually asking for more? They raised taxes on mental health providers, veterinarians, dentists, substance abuse counselors, and a host of others. They have proposals to add 57 cents a gallon to the cost of gas — with no roads to show for it! And they refuse to give you the $30 car tabs you have voted for repeatedly.

The Democrats talk a lot about corporate greed. Let’s talk about government greed.

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