Finishing strong… House approves Brown bills

We’re one week closer to the end of the 2017 regular legislative session, but at this point it’s tough to tell whether we’re closer to coming to agreement on a budget and associated policy bills. There’s still quite a bit up in the air. That will be the case even after today’s deadline for the House and Senate to pass the other chamber’s bills. While the policy bills for the year are now set, it is yet to be seen if Democrats will actually vote for the massive taxes that are needed to bring their over-inflated budget wish list into balance.

We are also waiting to see if the governor will be constructive this year, or pull stunts like he has in the past, when he vetoed important bills for no apparent reason.

I remain hopeful we’ll wrap up our work within 105 days; however, we need to have all parties willing to negotiate based on actual facts. We need to get this done correctly. To me, getting it right means a sustainable budget that makes investments in education without relying on job-killing tax increases. That will continue to be my focus.

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