Inslee backs down on veto threat; signs Jason’s Law

In a misguided attempt to spur action on the budget, Governor Inslee threatened to veto several measures if we had not reached a budget deal (in principle, at least). One of the bills that faced a veto threat was our bill to increase the sentencing guidelines for vehicular homicide – known as Jason’s Law.

As you know, Jason Smith’s family has made repeated trips to the Capitol this year to testify on this bill. Every time they are forced to relive the trauma of Jason’s death at the hands of a gang member and reckless driver, who was driving 100 miles per hour while trying to elude police.

I was horrified and angered by the governor’s total disregard for the family members of victims. Tugging at the heartstrings of victims and their families is unacceptable. They play no part in the writing of a budget. Victims do not have a “Republican” or “Democrat” behind their names; to play political football with them is deplorable!

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