Legislative Cutoff: an update on my bills that survived!

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Olympia! Wednesday marked the “house of origin” cutoff for this session. That meant the deadline for the full Senate to approve any bill originating in the Senate – and by doing so, to keep that bill “alive” for the House to consider this session. The exceptions are bills necessary to implement our state’s capital, operating and transportation budgets. I want to share with you some of my bills that were passed by the Senate before this cutoff. For more information on them, click on the links.

SB 5480 – Would revise the state’s certified real-estate appraiser law to allow real-estate appraisers to temporarily put their licenses on hold (to take a break for family, medical, or other reasons) and then come back to the profession – instead of having their licenses expire.

SB 5627 – Would create a “healthy energy workers” board to develop recommendations for successfully diagnosing and treating certain health problems experienced by workers at the Hanford Site.

SB 5633 – Would direct funds to expand and support pathways that grow the state’s behavioral health workforce.

SB 5635 – Would expand opportunities for students to pursue careers in the mental and behavioral health professions.

SB 5638 – Would encourage the development of “distributed ledger” technology, which can help with the management of digital records (involving a blockchain network, for example).

SB 5786 – Would help the state’s public colleges and universities to share their research more efficiently

SB 5936 – Would direct the state Department of Commerce to recommend a plan for setting up an industrial waste coordination program.

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