Preventing youth suicides and school shootings

The first two weeks of the 2021 session are behind us and things are picking up in Olympia. While this session has been anything other than normal, with hearings and floor actions taking place remotely, the legislative process continues to move forward.

There were several major proposals put forth, including some head-scratchers from the majority party in the Senate. There have been a number of bills aimed at raising taxes and energy costs. And the governor is back with his two favorite proposals: a new income tax on capital gains and a cap and tax carbon scheme.

I’m a little surprised at how seemingly tone-deaf some folks can be. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised after how far the majority has gone to shut out the public. Their treatment of small business owners and workers at a hearing to reopen Washington businesses was truly deplorable and sparked universal outrage.

My focus has been on expanding access to democracy and helping our citizens deal with the economic, emotional and psychological repercussions of the Inslee shutdown.

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