Special session ends as lawmakers reach budget deal

Bridges to a Better Government

Late last night, after securing a hard-won agreement on the supplemental state budget, the Legislature finally wrapped up its “special session” and adjourned for the year.

As has been the case far too often in recent years, it took longer than I would have liked for us to complete our work. Supplemental budgets are intended to make small corrections to address emergencies, reductions in revenue and other previously unforeseen, but needed adjustments. They are not intended to be an opportunity to do more spending!

Unfortunately, some lawmakers wanted to do just that.

I am pleased to report that we were able to reach an agreement that addresses real emergencies (such as last summer’s wildfires), is sustainable, balances over four years (as is required by law), and doesn’t raid our state “rainy day fund” in order to grow government. And you’ll be happy to know that there are no new taxes!

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